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  • Spapharm s.r.o. is a small-sized virtual CRO legally founded in 2015. Through the virtual CRO, we help you to bring your project successfully towards its end by selecting the proper vendors. We manage and supervise clinical trials through a study adapted network of experts, local national freelancers or small companies, all working in several complementary roles according to the individual project and customer. All these measures ensure delivery of the project in time, in a high quality and on a smaller budget compared to large CROs.

  • Our experience in clinical research and medicine development with special emphasis on project management, GCP, ethical aspects, regulatory affairs, safety information and training, monitoring, site management and support helps many customers to reach their goals.

  • We provide customized services, which can be deployed on a stand-alone basis or as part of an integrated “full-service” solution. These services can support both global and locally managed projects.

  • We are experienced in both commercial and EC granted projects of all I-IV. clinical trial phases.